How To Improve Your Chess Moves As A Beginner

Improve Your Chess Moves As A Beginner

Every major sport has multiple aspects about it that can be mastered. In Cricket, one can master batting, bowling, fielding, or wicket keeping. In football, one can master attack, defence, or goalkeeping. But Chess is all about moves. Just one skill to master over years and years of practice will turn out to be the bridge between a Chess player and a great Chess player.

In every Chess match, the outcome is solely decided by one question. ‘Which player is able to come up with better moves?’. A professional player would always remember lines to some of the most famous and basic openings, and after the first few moves, they get creative and come up with their master moves. Each move is made with utmost precision and by seeing a few moves ahead.

But Why Is It So Important For Beginners To Improve Their Chess Moves?

But Why is it so Important for Beginners to Improve Their Chess Moves

If beginners improve their moves, it ensures them being good at the game, and being good at the game helps them in:

  • Having better memory and concentration power
  • Having organizational and spatial skills
  • Improve time management
  • Mental development
  • Building self-confidence and better IQ

So, As A Beginner, How Do You Get There? Let’s Take A Look

Best Online Chess Coaching for Beginners

1)Review Your Games

How to improve your Chess moves? By making your Chess moves better! This can happen by analyzing the moves you made and checking if there were better moves in that scenario. It doesn’t matter if you have won or lost your game. If you have lost a game, find out what different moves you could’ve made to win, and if you have won the game, find out what different tactics could’ve won you the game in a cleaner manner. Analyze your game either with a Chess engine or with your trainer to know what you could’ve done better.

At Kaabil Kid’s, after every game, the kids sit with the trainers to analyze and figure out better moves in the positions. This makes them understand the moves better and prevent the mistakes from happening in their other games.

2)Practice Basic Opening Traps

As beginners, learning some opening traps come in really handy. These traps won’t just help you win games but understand what tactics are and how different pieces combine to create an attack on the opponent.

Openings traps are useless against higher rated players, but for beginners, they’re a weapon that can teach you a few different lines about your preferred opening and how to deliver checkmate. So get a few traps in your daily playing routine, and understand the moves a little better.

3)Have A Few Steady Openings Prepared

Every Chess player has their own preferred opening. But while beginning, it’s very tough for a player to master one opening. They constantly experiment but fail to master one opening that works best for them. Having an opening, in the beginning, helps beginners stick to a few sets of moves and not be overwhelmed by thousands of random moves.

Kaabil Kids helps kids learn a few basic openings that are easy to understand at a beginner level and slowly master as they progress. This helps them build confidence at the start of the game and create a plan in the beginning.

4)Play Every Day

It is impossible to learn the moves of the game from the beginning to checkmate your opponent. A player usually checks out the first few moves of the opening and how to respond to different moves by the opponent, but they have to improvise and adapt after just a few moves. So, the only way to truly master your moves is to play every day and learn through trial and error.

Once you lose a game, you will understand at which point did the game slipped away, and the next time the situation arises, you can play a better move. So regular playing is a big component.

5)Follow Professional  Matches

There is a lot of Chess going around the world right now. There is a new tournament every few days where some of the top Grandmasters battle it out among themselves. The quality of Chess displayed here is something young players and beginners can learn a lot from.

Watch and follow these matches with professional commentary to understand the logic behind the moves and their breakdown. Most of these matches are accessible for free on YouTube and other Chess websites.

6)Learn Some Famous Games

Professional Chess players are well versed with almost all the major games played by the top Grandmasters. Among the millions of games in existence, there are many that are considered classics.

As a beginner, it might be a challenging task to learn all the games, but you can handpick a few classics from your preferred opening and learn some famous games in them.

7)Have A Trainer/Mentor

Having a trainer or a mentor to guide you in your Chess journey can make the learning process a lot easier. They can help you understand the moves, see your moves and analyze them, and give you quality feedback needed to become a better player.

At Kaabil Kids, we have FIDE-rated trainers helping the kids out in their Chess goals and our chief mentor in the form of Grandmaster Tejas Bakre. The team is dedicated to making the Kids quality Chess players and making them ready for all the challenges that may come their way.

8)Challenge Yourself

One of the best ways to ensure and calculate your growth is by constantly challenging yourself by playing against higher rated opponents and bots. Every player will respond to your moves in a different way. And so, you have to get out of your comfort zone once you have figured out to beat opponents in your rating.

Go a step ahead, go for players better than you, and test your moves against them! Kaabil Kids has a 24/7 playing platform where students can play games anytime with anyone!

9)Solve Puzzles

Solving puzzles is the Chess equivalent of net training in Cricket. Puzzles give you a certain situation in which you are required to come up with the best move that will win you the game. This trains your mind to not settle for mediocre moves but go for winning moves instead.

Kaabil Kids has a platform that gives the students a chance to solve hundreds of puzzles from their puzzle library. Kids can implement their learnings through these puzzles and get better at calculations and tactics.


Chess is something that requires mastery of moves to master the game. Being logical, tactically strong, and creative on the board is what is required when you are in action. So try these options, and slowly hone the Grandmaster in you!

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