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Kaabil Kids is on a mission to provide the best online Chess coaching in India by making the program affordable and accessible to all.

Benefits of Online Chess Coaching

Consume the Right Content

Online Chess diverts kids from consuming irrelevant content and gives them a fun and helpful alternative.

Higher IQ

Chess involves calculation, logical thinking and puzzle-solving, all the ingredients to boost a kid’s IQ.

Increased Self-Confidence

Chess is a solo sport where players are all by themselves. This shapes kids to be better sportsmen and more self-confident.

Better Memory

Chess ensures better concentration, memorization and attentiveness in other aspects of life for kids.

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    Tejas Bakre is the 11th Grandmaster of India who clinched the GM title in 2004. His achievements include a Commonwealth bronze, Asia sub-junior champion, Asia junior champion and world youth Olympics champion. He is the chief mentor at Kaabil Kids and has many years of experience making it as one of the Best chess training programs.

    About Kaabil Kids

    Kaabil Kids offers best online Chess coaching in india that started in 2019. With International Grandmaster Tejas Bakre on board as the chief mentor of the institute, there is a professional touch in the teaching methods and the approach of the trainers. Kaabil Kids aims to ensure quality and affordable Chess education to their students through an overall teaching methodology that focuses on both Chess and holistic skill development.

    All the trainers are Kaabil Kids are FIDE certified, making it the best online chess training in India. They cover everything from the fundamentals of Chess to advanced calculations to ensure students have multiple levels of Chess training to choose from based on their Chess knowledge.

    Apart from Chess, Kaabil Kids has an in-house psychologist to get a better understanding of a child’s psychology and help them be mentally ready in other aspects of life.

    About our Online Chess Coaching

    Kaabil Kids has the best online Chess training in India. The curriculum is prepared by Grandmaster Tejas Bakre, and the trainers are experienced, and FIDE certified. The online coaching chess training program comes in 4 different levels, and students can choose them depending on their Chess skills and understanding. There are frequent tournaments & tests and a 24/7 playing platform for kids to test their skills at a competitive level. 

    Kids are also given assignments that they can test out after the classes to help them have a quick recap of the classes. There are constant doubt clearing sessions, webinars with Grandmasters to better understand the game, and sessions with our child psychologist to prepare the kids mentally.

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    Chess Curriculum

    What Your Child Will Learn

    Foundation Course

    Learning outcome

    Basic knowledge of Chess and ready to play with any adult

    Key Topics
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    Level 1

    Learning outcome

    Perform at School/District level tournaments 

    Key Topics
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    • Level 1


    Level 2

    Learning outcome

    Perform at State-level tournaments        

    Key Topics
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    • Level 2


    Level 3

    Learning outcome

    Perform at National-level tournaments

    Key Topics
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    • Level 3


    FIDE Rating Course

    Learning outcome

    Become a FIDE rated player

    Key Topics
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    Frequently asked questions
    There are many Chess tutors and training programs in India, and Kaabil Kids stands out as one of the best online chess classes in India.
    With the help of consistent coaching and the right guidance, you can get better at Online Chess. Kaabil Kids, one of the best online chess training programs in India, ensures expert guidance with a Grandmaster-designed curriculum and FIDE-rated trainers.
    There are various chess training programs, and one of the best places to have online chess training in India is Kaabil Kids. They ensure holistic development of the kids with a Grandmaster curriculum, FIDE-rated trainers and an in-house child psychologist.
    One of the best chess training programs in India is Kaabil Kids, which offers affordable and accessible Chess coaching with a Grandmaster curriculum and FIDE-rated trainers.
    Some of the best online Chess coaching in India offer seamless coaching even through the digital space. They connect on video calls and teach them the basic openings, movements, calculations, etc., through video calls and make students play online tournaments to help them implement their learnings.
    It doesn’t matter if you have the best chess coaching for kids; parents have to involve themselves equally to ensure the child grows their Chess skills exponentially. After the class, parents have to ensure the child implements what they learn, they get practical experience, and they finish all the tasks given by the trainers.
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