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Why Kaabil Kids

We offer a Safe, Fun, and Engaging Learning Environment!

Gm Designed Curriculum

Grandmaster Designed Curriculum

Exp Trainers

Experienced, FIDE-Rated Trainers

Chess Learning Platform

World's Best Online Live Chess Learning Platform

Measure Tool

Robust Performance Measurement Tools

Innovative Pedagogy

Innovative Pedagogy

Child Psychology

Deep Understanding of Child Psychology

Chess Curriculum

What Your Child Will Learn
Level 4

Level 1 - Beginner

Learning Outcome:

Introduction to chess fundamentals & tournament preparation

Key Topics:
  • Fundamentals of chess
  • Piece exchanges
  • Basic tactical patterns
Level 0

Level 1 - Beginner

Learning Outcome:

Roadmap to ace school and state level tournaments

Key Topics:
  • Basic Opening theory
  • Basic Middle Game strategy
  • Advance Pawn Endgame
Level 3

Level 3 - Advance

Learning Outcome:

Path to become a FIDE-Rated player

Key Topics:
  • Advance tactical Patterns
  • Coordination and mobilisation
  • Advance attacking patterns
Level 2

Level 4 - Expert

Learning Outcome:

Ace international tournaments

Key Topics:
  • Master level Endgame Strategies
  • Advanced calculation patterns
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Our Value Adds to Make Your Child’s Learning A Great Experience.

  • Free Tournaments
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • Webinars with Grandmaster and Child Psychology Expert
  • 24X7 Access to Platform to Practice & Play with Others
  • Puzzles & Assignments

Level up your child's learning!

Meet Our Kaabil Kids

Achievements of our Students
Neel Nankani

FIDE rated player. Ranked 2nd in Kutch District Under-19 Chess Championship 2021. Achieved FIDE rating of 1385 at Gujarat International open Grandmasters chess tournament 2022.

Neel Nankani

Siya Kaushik Winner Haryana State U 12 Girls Chess Championship 2022

Winner in under-12 and 3rd in under 14 and 16 category respectively at Haryana state chess championship 2022.

Siya Kaushik

Aaryavrat Winner Goa State U 8 Open Chess Championship 2022

Winner, Goa state U-8 open chess championship 2022


Ankith Winner 8th Grade Team State Championship In U.S Illinois

Winner, 8th-grade team state championship in U.S Illinois


Devdatt Winner Region VI Scholastic Championship United States

Winner, Region VI Scholastic championship, United States


Ehan Sajad 2nd Jammu And Kashmir UT U 10 Chess Championship 2022

2nd, Jammu and Kashmir( UT) U-10 chess championship 2022

Ehan Sajad

Vishwaja 2nd In Nagur District Under 7 Chess Championship

2nd in Nagur district under 7 chess championship


Vivaan Goenka 3rd Uttarakhand State U 10 Open Chess Championship 2022

3rd, Uttarakhand state U-10 open chess championship 2022

Vivaan Goenka

Arhaan Zeya 1

Ranked 6th in Bihar State Under-10 Chess Championship 2021

Arhaan Zeya

Parv Chopra 1

Increased his ratings by 77 points in 18th Grand-master Delhi International Open 2020, Category B

Parv Chopra

Kisha Agarwal 4th Haryana State U 8 Girls Chess Championship 2022

4th, Haryana state U-8 Girls chess championship 2022

Kisha Agarwal

Arya Jain

(Below 6 years), Stood 2nd in the GTC Chess Grand Prix tournament, Guwahati in the U-9 category

Arya Jain

Nagireddypalli Darshan

Stood 12th in the Telangana senior state chess championship 2022 in the under 13 category

Nagireddypalli Darshan

Sai Tanishka

Stood 1st in Tamil Naidu state open chess tournament in the under-12 girls category

Sai Tanishka

Bhavik Lodha

Stood 2nd in the Chess festival of Oberoi international school Championship in the Open under-8 category

Bhavik Lodha

Hiya Talati

Stood 1st in the U-11 category in the Zonal and District tournament (Khel Mahakumbh 2022 Gujarat)

Hiya Talati

Rayan Merchant

Stood 6th in the Decathlon age-group chess championship in the under-10 category

Rayan Merchant

Nice To Meet You

We are your child’s best friend and your partner in your parenting journey
Grandmaster, Chief Mentor

Founder, CEO

Co-founder, COO

Are you ready to level up your child's learning?

    Our Training Squad

    These are the people that make the magic happen
    Akshay E1651671297848

    A professional trainer with a strong chess background. He has been Delhi State Senior Category Champion. His student became U- 8 Goa State Champion and have represent Goa State in Nationals.

    Akshay Peak FIDE Rating: 1919


    An active chess player with 8+ years of training experience. The hallmark of his training is SWOT based approach to uncover unique abilities. His recent accomplishment includes becoming chess champion at all India Civil Services Chess Tournament.

    Deepak Peak FIDE Rating: 2054

    Priyanka K

    A former Asian champion. Her aim is to inculcate knowledge and confidence in her students and make them win the maximum championships and title in chess. Her students became district champion.

    Priyanka K Peak FIDE Rating: 1929


    I have been a national champion in women’s category in 2011. I have been state champion (Girls) for several times almost in every age group,& in open category as well.

    Pooja FIDE-Rated Player: 1708

    Sumit Trainer 1

    Awarded by century award in 2009, CBSE National 3rd, UP state champion U-17. State 2nd Runner up in Jammu state selected for National, CBSE North Zone Team Champion. His coaching style inspires us to do more, to live our best life and to go after what your heart desires. Trained 100+ students till date.

    Sumit Peak FIDE Rating: 1647

    Vikram E1651671132741

    He has been a player of international chess tournament, University championship,inter college championships. He won the Garware college open chess championship. Two of his students achieved International Chess Rating.

    Vikram Peak FIDE Rating: 1548


    A passionate chess trainer by profession and a chess enthusiasts by obsession. She holds the gold medal in Chess State championship and represented at Nationals. Her creative and analytical skills helps her to enjoy with children and makes the class engaging.

    Priyanka Peak FIDE Rating: 1495

    Shalini E1651671056746

    A SGFI National Bronze Winner U -18 -2018. She has been coaching beginners since she was 12. She love kids and enjoy teaching them. She believes in spreading her amazing chess knowledge in the best way possible.

    Shalini Peak FIDE Rating: 1576


    Got National Instructor License by FIDE in 2018. International Rated Chess Player. Captain of runner-up team of Patna university in east zone inter university chess tournament 2012. M.Ed. And NET in Education. More than 15 Rated player achieved rating under his training.

    Rajesh Peak FIDE Rating: 1717


    He is the Former Chess Coach, DPD, Dhanbad, from-2002 to 2013. District Champion-2010/2012/2014. Jharkhand State 5 place-2014. His students have been district and state level champions.

    Manoj Peak FIDE Rating: 1873

    Cp Kumar 1

    I have passed CIS-AICF trainer examination conducted by AICF.and have been training since 2010.

    CP Kumar FIDE-Rated Player: 1628


    An International player who has been playing chess and providing training for more than 12 years. He passed “National instructor” exam by world chess federation. He won the Silver medal in All India inter-university and has remained state champion for 5 years in different age categories. He participated in more than 50 National and International… Continue reading Anchit Peak FIDE Rating: 1862

    Anchit Peak FIDE Rating: 1862

    Alok Priyadarshi

    He has been National Instructor Under World Chess Federation (FIDE), Chess trainer Under All India Chess Federation (AICF), Senior National Arbiter (SNA) Under World Chess Federation (FIDE). Students under his guidance, has achieved international rating.

    Alok Peak FIDE Rating: 1633

    Sunakshi E1651670996973

    “Avoid the crowd. Do your own thinking independently. Be a chess player, not just a chess piece.” is what she believes. She has been an inter-college champion for four consecutive years. Her students were selected for the State Championship.

    Sunakshi Peak FIDE Rating: 1591


    A State Champion at Regional Level Chess Meet. His aim is to build CURIOSITY & UNDERSTANDING in the students towards the Game. 3 Students under his guidance became State Champion at KVS State Selection He Focuses more on making students understand the reason behind the Moves & Less on Spoon Feeding.

    National Player


    She Played many International Rating Chess Tournament. Represented Bihar State in National under15 Chess Championship. Holds the title of national instructor and have 6 years of experience as a chess coach. Students under her guidance were placed in the category prize in the telangana tournament.

    Manisha Peak FIDE Rating: 1747


    He is a motivated and goal oriented chess instructor with a passionate ambition to add value to the chess community. He is the Best Unrated at Open Tournament. He has a vast teaching experience and aims to share his knowledge of chess in the best possible way.

    Ritik Rai
    National Player


    Bronze medalist in All India University Championship. He is in the chess field since last 10 years and has won a lot of state championships. By his active guidance, many students have become international-rated players.

    Shivam Peak FIDE Rating: 1722

    Vishal Parmar 1785

    In my 22 years’ experience as a chess coach, I have always been learning about the best methods to improve the level of my students in the shortest possible time. Of course, I have been learning on the road; my own experience serves me well to understand things that are important to teach to an… Continue reading Vishal Parmar Peak FIDE Rating: 1798

    Vishal Parmar Peak FIDE Rating: 1798

    Tarun Gupta Unrated E1708516712822

    “As a chess coach with 5 years of experience, I have witnessed firsthand the incredible growth and development of my students under my guidance. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and helping players of all levels reach their full potential on the board. My dedication to my craft and my students is unwavering, and… Continue reading Tarun Gupta

    Tarun Gupta

    Deep Shah 1448 Scaled E1708516873305

    Coached more than 1000+ students from 8 different countries

    Deep Shah Peak FIDE Rating: 1669

    Himanshu Pandey E1708516963722

    I am a budding psychologist and have been playing chess from last 10 years and teaching chess from last 4 years. Have immense experience in our relevant field.

    Himanshu pandey

    Durlov Nanda Scaled E1708517009642

    “Inspired by my passion for chess since 1997, I’ve achieved remarkable milestones in the game. From becoming an age category and junior champion at the state level to a FIDE Instructor, my journey has been defined by dedication and expertise. With extensive experience training students, both in district chess association academy and different online platforms,… Continue reading Durlov Nanda Peak FIDE Rating: 1725

    Durlov Nanda Peak FIDE Rating: 1725

    Hrdyansh Pandey E1708517169956

    “Myself Hrdyansh Pandey . I am a professional chess player playing chess from past 12 years and have experience of teaching chess of 2 years . I have represented my school upto state and district level from 2010 – 2019 and secured position under 20. Secured position in top 10 in ( INTER SCHOOL CHESS… Continue reading Hrdyansh Pandey

    Hrdyansh Pandey

    Swapnil Kumari E1708517299352

    “I am a professional Chess coach with more than seven years of experience. Besides, I have worked as the Director of CCIVA in Virginia, The USA, for more than three years and as a Centre Head for Crayons Playschool in Hyderabad. The most significant achievement as a state champion was representing our state multiple times… Continue reading Swapnil kumari

    Swapnil kumari

    Deepanshu Pandey E1708517385461

    “I am happy to introduce myself as a dedicated chess teacher who is passionate about nurturing young minds in the world of chess. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with many esteemed organizations, and I take great pride in the many expressions of gratitude and appreciation from parents and children My… Continue reading Deepanshu Pandey

    Deepanshu Pandey


    What Parents and Kids say about Kaabil Kids!

    Chess Curriculum

    What Your Child Will Learn
    • Individual Classes


    Foundation Course

    Learning outcome

    Basic knowledge of Chess and ready to play with any adult

    Key Topics
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    • Foundation Course


    Level 1

    Learning outcome

    Perform at School/District level tournaments 

    Key Topics
    Enroll Now
    • Level 1


    Level 2

    Learning outcome

    Perform at State-level tournaments        

    Key Topics
    Enroll Now
    • Level 2


    Level 3

    Learning outcome

    Perform at National-level tournaments

    Key Topics
    Enroll Now
    • Level 3


    FIDE Rating Course

    Learning outcome

    Become a FIDE rated player

    Key Topics
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    • FIDE Rating Course


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      Frequently asked questions
      If you want your kids to learn and improve their skills in Chess, then you can enrol them in online chess coaching for kids. Kaabil Kids is one of the best platforms for your child to learn Chess with their step-by-step approach, a Grandmaster designed curriculum and FIDE-rated trainers.
      There is no set age to learn Chess. But the sooner they begin, the higher are their chances of learning the skills and making them big in the game. With Chess, they also learn maths, problem-solving, strategic, analytical, strategic, and many other skills.
      The right Chess trainer will not just pave the way for your child’s chess skills but also help in developing other important life skills. Kaabil Kids, one of the best Chess classes for kids, has a team of FIDE-rated trainers and an in-house psychologist to ensure the holistic development of your kids.
      You can learn Chess online by enrolling in the best chess course for beginners and learning & playing consistently.Kaabil Kids is the perfect online Chess course for beginners that focuses on making beginners be familiar with the game, making them play & compete regularly.
      It doesn’t matter if you have the best chess coaching for kids; parents have to involve themselves equally to ensure the child grows their Chess skills exponentially. After the class, parents have to ensure the child implements what they learn, they get practical experience, and they finish all the tasks given by the trainers.
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