9 Reasons Why Your Child Should Play Chess At A Young Age

Why Your Child Should Play Chess At Young Age

Childhood is a very interesting and trying time. And as a parent, you have to take all the major decisions on your kids’ behalf that will shape the future that they will grow to have. The skills to master, the hobbies to take up, the sport to play, everything has to be chosen carefully.

At an early age, a kid has a better learning curve, which is a huge advantage. Children pick up complex patterns and skills better at a young age. That is why it is easy to learn new things like languages at a young age than at an older age. Chess is no different. For kids, recognizing patterns, movements, and lines is easy to memorize than at an older age.

It doesn’t stop at that. Chess brings in a lot of other advantages for a child growing up. Here are a few reasons why your child should play chess at a young age.

Here Are The 9 Reasons Why Your Child Should Play Chess At A Young Age

1. The More You Play, The Better You Are

This is a common philosophy in everything. The more you do a certain thing, the better you get at it. It is no different in chess. Beginning at an early age gives you the much-required head start to be ahead at a competitive level. Most Grandmasters these days get their title at the age of 14-15. This would only be possible by starting at a very early age.

The main keyword to focus here is experience. If you start early, you already have a decade’s worth of experience by the time you are 15. Chess is a game that you learn only through playing and experiencing. The more games you play, the better you get at recognizing patterns and other aspects of it.

2. Helps Improve Concentration

Kids are known to be easily distracted. Be it studies or any other activity. This sometimes causes long term problems when they’re not managed properly. The best way to go about is by introducing them to a tool that will require them to concentrate while ensuring they have fun. Chess is the best way to keep them engaged and improve their concentration at the same time.

The same can be said for adults, but for kids, imbibing the power of concentration early on in life makes a huge difference growing up. They are more focused and aim well when it comes to their studies and schooling.

3. Better Memory

Chess is known to improve a child’s memory as it involves memorizing moves that are a little easier to memorize than compared to what a child memorizes in school. So, this quick grasping ability improves their performance in studies. So, beginning at a young age, a child can leverage this training of sharp memory in many aspects of their lives.

4. Better Time Management

Time management is a major life skill, that if acquired and mastered at a young age, can be very beneficial in every stage of life. Chess is played in many time frames. The rapid chess (11 mins +), blitz chess (3-10 mins), & bullet chess (under 3 mins).

A player has to think of the right moves, calculate the lines, play the game, and go for the victory, all in a few minutes of timeframe. The constant playing of time-limited games teaches players to manage their time better. Even while training, players have to manage time to train for chess and do their other studies. With a lot of time management involved at a young age, kids grow into the skill effectively.

5. Better Organization And Planning Skills

Parents spend a lot of their time teaching their kids planning and organization. Be it their room, timetables, schoolbags, or even their life; organization comes in handy everywhere. Chess makes kids organize and plan each and every move in order for them to survive and have a fighting chance at a win.

Having to experience this growing up imbibes valuable organization and planning skills in children.

6. Gives You A Chance To Go For Titles

Professional Chess is all about titles. Every player works hard to go for the big title, Grandmaster. Most Grandmaster these days reach their titles at a very young age. This is possible if you start at an early age and are consistently training towards the big goal.

At a young age, it is comparatively easier to learn all the tactics and intricacies of the game, which is considered a big push towards the big title. And that is why it is always advisable to start early.

7. Mental Development

There have been a few studies in the past to prove that chess helps in improving the IQ of the player. It trains the brain harder and makes the logical and strategic part of it stronger and sharper. You can see kids playing chess do well in academics and show strong skills in various aspects at school.

Chess is also said to help in the development of dendrites in our bodies. Dendrites are a part of the nervous system of our body. They are a projection of neurons that is responsible for receiving signals from other neurons and other brain cells.

8. A Great Distraction From Other Things

Every parent is worried as to what their child would take up in their free time. And more often than not, they go for mobile games, TVs, and other distractions that are addictive in a harmful way. Chess is a really fun hobby to take up and is the perfect distraction you can ask for. It is fun, useful, and comes with a whole set of skills that can be nurtured in childhood for a better future.

9. Builds Self-Confidence

Chess is a game of skill, and there is no space for luck. In every game, the player is all by himself. If they win, they take 100% credit, and if they lose, they are the only ones to blame. This grounds the players and makes them self-confident to deal with anything in life.

A child faces a lot of challenges while growing up, and self-confidence is a skill to master to overcome anything!


These are just some of the many reasons why chess should be started for kids at a young age. Choose the right mentor or training platform and begin early. One of the biggest and the best chess coaching platforms in India is Kaabil Kids.

They train kids to be a better chess player and be mentally healthy. Their curriculum is prepared by Grandmaster Tejas Bakre, and the training is undertaken by a group of trainers with a FIDE rating. Check out their presence, and introduce your kid to the world of chess today!!

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