Top 10 Chess Coaching Classes In Delhi To Enhance Your Gaming Skill

Chess Coaching Classes In Delhi

Are you interested in learning chess and looking for the best chess classes in Delhi? Then this blog is for you. Go through it to get to know about the best chess classes in Delhi. 

Chess is one of the most popular and highly enriching board games. Chess is not just a two-player board game played on a 64 square arranged in an eight by eight grid board but goes far beyond that. Chess, as a game, is found to improve memory, attention span, problem-solving abilities, decision-making skills and much more. Chess has been rightly played by numerous people around the world, and few actually move on to master it. 

Did You Know That According to September 2020 FIDE Rating List, There Are Nearly 1721 Grandmasters?  

If you are Delhi-based and are looking for the best chess classes in Delhi, then you must definitely take a look at this blog to find the right place for you. 

Top 10 Chess Coaching Classes In Delhi To Enhance Your Gaming Skill

1. Kaabil kids 

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Kaabil kids is the Best professional chess training platform. Kaabil kids has 20+ years of experience. They have conducted 5,000+ classes, and nearly 1,000+ students have enrolled. To get a safe, fun and engaging learning environment with profuse knowledge in Chess, Kaabil kids is the right place. 

Specialty of Kaabil Kids

1. Kaabil Kids is the world’s best online live chess learning platform. 

2. They have a grandmaster-designed curriculum structure. 

3. The trainers of Kaabil kids are highly experienced and are FIDE- rated. 

4. Innovative pedagogy makes use of powerful performance measurement tools.

5. Kaabil kids have a deeper understanding of child psychology and make use of the same in the curriculum. 

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Chess Curriculum 

Level 1 is the beginner level, and the players will be introduced to the fundamentals of Chess. 

  • Key Topics
  • Fundamentals Of Chess
  • Piece Exchanges
  • Basic Tactical Patterns

Level 2 is the intermediate level where the players will be trained to face school level and state-level tournaments. 

  • Key Topics
  • Basic Opening Theory
  • Basic Middle Game Strategy
  • Advance Pawn Endgame

Level 3 is the advanced level. The players who cross this level will become FIDE rated players. 

  • Key Topics
  • Advance Tactical Patterns
  • Coordination And Mobilization
  • Advance Attacking Patterns

Level 4 is the expert level, and the players will become experts in Chess. Players who cross this level will be able to ace international tournaments. 

  • Key Topics
  • Master Level Endgame Strategies
  • Advanced Calculation Patterns


Phone: +91 98110 23524

Address: ATS Paradiso, Chi4, Noida, Delhi


2. Sachin Malik Chess coaching 

Sachin Malik Chess coaching is one of the reputed chess classes in Delhi. They have trained many students and helped them master the art of Chess. Sachin Malik chess classes in Delhi has helped many students win accolades in numerous tournaments. If you are looking for Delhi chess classes, then try considering this place. 


Address: As 171, Street Number 10, Shiv Nagar, Janakpuri, Delhi, 110058, India

Phone: +91 84479 10506

3. Khuanna Chess Academy

Khuanna chess academy is a holistic wellness centre for children and is much more than just one of the chess classes in Delhi. Khuanna will rightly provide the best and most much-needed chess training for your children. Along with Chess, they also offer training in numerous other games. 


Address: 43/22, FF, Ashok Nagar, Opposite to Reliance Frest Street., New Delhi, Delhi 110018, India

Phone: +91 98183 07473 


4. IGSF Chess Academy 

Indus Global Sports Foundation is one of the most preferred chess classes in Delhi. In IGSF chess academy, you will be trained by certified and ranked chess trainers. Indus Global sports foundation for Chess is the vision of a group of chess enthusiasts who has a great interest in shaping the future of Chess.

Address: 25/155 basement meteo station gate no.16 Near moolchamd, Vikram Vihar, Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi, Delhi 110024, India 

Phone: +91 98915 98908


5. Genius Chess Academy

Genius chess academy is one of the best chess classes in Delhi that is known for offering top-notch chess training. Their training is customized according to the level of every player, from beginner to advanced. The FIDE instructors make sure that the students develop into a competent chess player. 

Address: M-57 LGF, Kali Mandir Society, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi, Delhi 110019, India

Phone: +91 98114 75368


6. Royal Chess Academy

Royal Chess Academy is the best place to enrol if you are looking for chess classes in Delhi. Royal Chess Academy understands the challenges experienced in childhood learning and makes sure that it incorporates elements that promote mindfulness and growth mindset in its teaching. Royal chess Academy has 6 levels that are curated for players with different levels of playing experience. 

Address: Unnamed Road, MS Block, Nanak Pura, Hari Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110027, India

Phone: +91 83838 41561


7. Eminent Chess Academy

Eminent chess academy is an amalgamation of modern techniques induced to make chess learning easy and effective. The highly experienced trainers make sure that the students get the best chess coaching experience. The brainstorming sessions offered here make it one of the best chess classes in Delhi. 

Address: E-100, LGF, near PVR, Block E, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110017, India

Phone: +91 95991 12371


8. Brain games Chess Academy

Brain games chess academy is the best place to get the right exposure and training in Chess. It is one of the well known and reputed chess classes in Delhi that is known to offer top-notch chess training for a plethora of students. Many students who have been trained by the Brain games chess academy has won numerous tournaments and have become rated chess players. 

Address: H-1/1B, 2nd Floor, Model Town-III, behind ICICI Bank, Delhi 110009, India

Phone: 098111 63587


9. Delhi Chess Classes

Delhi chess classes help understand the nuances of Chess. The students will be rightly trained under the guidance of well versed and experienced coaches. Students who are trained in Delhi chess classes move up the ladder in the levels and find a place for themselves. 

Address: H-1/1 B, Model Town-IIIrd, Delhi-110009, India

Phone: 9811163587


10. Classic Mind Online Chess Academy

Classic mind online chess academy is yet another well-known place for those looking for chess classes in Delhi. Classic mind online chess academy offers the best training for chess enthusiasts and helps them build a strong foundation and knowledge in Chess. This is one of the easily accessible and best platforms to learn Chess, and if you are looking for chess classes in Delhi, this is one of the places to take into account. 

Address: 3rd floor, 1/20, near community centre, block -1, Geeta Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110031, India

Phone: +91 96500 13204



Hope the above blog gives you an idea about the numerous chess classes in Delhi that will aid you in becoming the best chess player. If you are a chess enthusiast willing to soar high, start your chess coaching now. If you have any queries or suggestions, let us know in the comments below. 

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