Top 10 Chess Coaching Classes In Chennai To Boost Your Gaming Skills

Chess Coaching Classes In Chennai

Chess has been a popular board game that many people have always loved to play and still love to play. Chess is a two-player board game played on a 64 square arranged in an eight by eight grid board. 

Playing Chess has many benefits like increasing focus, boosting memory, creativity, decision making and planning skills, boosting self-awareness, and contributing to cognitive development on the whole. More than anything, Chess is a great form of entertainment and engagement. 

Given the benefits of playing Chess, there are numerous people wanting to learn and play Chess. From kids to adults, the population of people playing Chess are numerous and overwhelming.

Did You Know That There Are Nearly 605 Million People Who Play Chess Regularly Worldwide? 

This rightly explains why there are numerous chess coaching classes in Chennai and in many other places. If you are interested in learning Chess and looking for coaching classes in Chennai, then go through this blog to find the right place that suits you the best. 

Here Is The Top 10 Chess Coaching Classes In Chennai To Boost Your Gaming Skills

1. Kaabil Kids

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If you are looking for chess classes in Chennai, then you should definitely consider Kaabil Kids. Kaabil kids is the most accessible and affordable online chess training platform. The kids will be trained by professional chess trainers. Kaabil kids have rightly trained many kids to learn and play Chess. This has been a game-changer for many. 

Their training is inquiry-based and takes a collaborative approach. This provides the kids with the space to learn and evaluate the possibilities of different moves they can make in the game. 

The course lasts 2 years, and the children participate in tournaments and numerous events, leading them to get a holistic understanding of Chess. 

Kaabil Kids ensures that the needed assistance is provided even after the coaching has been completed.

Few of The Notable Aspects Of Kaabil kids Chess Coaching Class. 

1. Kaabil kids is the world’s best online live chess learning platform 

2. The course curriculum is carefully designed by the Grandmaster 

3. The trainers are highly experienced and FIDE rated. 

4. They make use of robust performance measurement tools in their course.

5. Their pedagogy is innovative and highly graspable 

5. Their teaching is structured around the implementation of child psychology 

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Chess curriculum 

Level 1 is the beginner level, and the players will be introduced to the fundamentals of Chess. 

  • Key Topics
  • Fundamentals Of Chess
  • Piece Exchanges
  • Basic Tactical Patterns

Level 2 is the intermediate level where the players will be trained to face school level and state-level tournaments. 

  • Key Topics
  • Basic Opening Theory
  • Basic Middle Game Strategy
  • Advance Pawn Endgame

Level 3 is the advanced level. The players who cross this level will become FIDE rated players. 

  • Key Topics
  • Advance Tactical Patterns
  • Coordination And Mobilization
  • Advance Attacking Patterns

Level 4 is the most advanced level, and the players will become experts in Chess. Players who cross this level will be able to ace international tournaments. 

  • Key Topics
  • Master Level Endgame Strategies
  • Advanced Calculation Patterns


Phone: +91 98110 23524


2. Chess Gurukul 

Chess Gurukul is one of the most reputed and well-known chess coaching classes in Chennai. Chess Gurukul offers both online and in-person academy chess coaching in Chennai. The students who have been trained from Chess Gurukul have participated in many national and international tournaments and have won accolades for the same. 


Phone: +91 98840 79943


3.KQ Chess Academy 

KQ chess academy believes in the phrase that everyone is a champion, and it helps develop every chess enthusiast into a champion. They offer modern classrooms, essential tools and materials for learning, lectures and seminars and much more. KQ chess academy offers numerous options like online classes, academy classes, private classes at the academy and private classes at the student’s premises. It is one of the best chess classes in Chennai. 


Phone: +91 94444 75095 


4. Rapid Chess Academy

Rapid chess academy is the most sought after chess class in Chennai. The rapid academy believes in the phrase, “Chess is the art which expresses the science of logic.” Rapid chess academy is known to offer chess coaching in schools, activity centres, corporates, colleges, online classes, home coaching and more. Rapid chess academy also has chess stimulation software that promotes fun based learning making it the best chess coaching in Chennai. 


Phone: +91 98658 15524


5. VBS Chess Academy 

VBS chess coaching classes in Chennai is pretty popular. VBS has conducted many state and district level chess tournaments and has rightly encouraged the students to participate in them. They are known to offer customized chess coaching for both beginners and intermediate players. 


Phone: +91 97890 98424 


6. Anna Nagar Chess Academy 

Anna Nagar chess academy has been in the industry for over 10 years and is known to offer valuable chess coaching in Chennai. The coaching is split into three levels; beginners, intermediate and advanced levels and the right coaching is offered. 

Annanagar chess Academy is also known for conducting inter-club tournaments, holiday camps, private coaching centres and more. They also sell chess board sets and informative chess books.



7. C cube

C cube is one of the well-known chess classes in Chennai. C cube is known to offer both online and offline classes for kids. The coaching covers all aspects from the beginners level to the advanced level. They teach all tactics and practise traps. The kids are encouraged to indulge in more play sessions. C cube is also known to offer free demo sessions, and you can check them out as they are one of the notable chess coaching classes in Chennai. 


Phone: +91 99629 87760

8. Krissh Chess Academy 

Krissh chess academy is a small yet effective chess classes in Chennai. Krissh chess academy believes that Chess is a royal game and does its best in offering the right coaching to many kids. Located in Annanagar, Krissh chess academy has trained many students making them good chess players. 


Phone: +91 97911 04577


9. Sadurangam GM Chess Academy 

Sadurangam GM chess academy aims to develop many grandmasters in Chess. Sadurangam has trained many young players and shaped their skills, helping them to become top-rated players in Chess. Sadurangam is spread across many countries like India, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, UAE, and Singapore. Sadurangam is one of the trustable chess coaching classes in Chennai. 


Phone: +91 98947 90209


10. Elite Chess Academy 

Elite chess Academy is another notable academy known to offer chess coaching classes in Chennai. Elite Academy is run by highly qualified chess players. They are known to offer chess coaching, conduct chess tournaments, sell chess books, chessboards, chess clocks and more. 


Phone: +91 81440 41880



The above are the top 10 chess coaching classes in Chennai that will help boost your gaming skills. If you are interested in enrolling on the best chess coaching class in Chennai, then contact us or leave a comment below. 

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