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Kaabil Kids is a name synonymous with the best online chess course for beginners that is affordable and accessible.

Benefits of Online Chess Coaching for Beginners

Higher IQ

Chess involves calculation, logical thinking and puzzle-solving, all the ingredients to boost a kid’s IQ.

Sparks Creativity

Chess is an art! And you need a creative brain to come up with out of the box brilliant moves. Playing Chess regularly taps into your creative side!

Improves Focus

Chess requires unwavering focus till the end of the game. And Chess players are known to practice focus as one slip can cost them an entire match!

Exercises the Brain

Constant thinking logically, strategically, mathematically, that too one step ahead of your opponent trains your brain and makes it mentally strong.

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    Tejas Bakre is the 11th Grandmaster of India and 1st from the state of Gujarat. He clinched the title in the year 2004 and has since won many accolades for the country. Some of the top titles include World Youth Olympiad Champion, Asia Sub-Junior Champion, Asia Junior Champion and Commonwealth Bronze Winner. Tejas Bakre is the chief mentor at Kaabil Kids, and he brings years of quality Chess coaching to the table.

    A peek into the best Online Chess coaching for beginners

    Right from basic opening to complicated end games, Kaabil Kids stands as the best chess course for beginners. Why? Because one of India’s current Grandmaster and his team of FIDE-rated trainers is training a group of future Grandmasters!

    Yes, the course curriculum at Kaabil Kids is prepared by International Grandmaster Tejas Bakre, who is also the chief mentor of the institute. For beginners, the institute covers fundamental topics like basic tactical patterns and piece exchanges. And your learning isn’t just restricted to your class. There are challenges to test and implement your learning in terms of assignments and tournaments. And to ensure the mental growth of the players, we also have a session with our in-house psychologist.

    Chess + Psychology = An all-around exercise for your brain!

    Why choose Kaabil kids as a beginner ?

    Kaabil Kids is the perfect launchpad to start your Chess journey and is the best Chess course for beginners. At Kaabil Kids, our approach is very different from other academies as our USPs stand out! How? Have a look!

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    Chess Curriculum

    What Your Child Will Learn
    Online Chess Coaching for Beginners

    Level 1 - Beginner

    Learning outcomes
    Introduction to chess fundamentals & tournament preparation
    Key Topics
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    Online Chess Coaching for Beginners

    Level 2 - Intermediate

    Learning outcomes
    Roadmap to ace school and state level tournaments
    Key Topics
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    Online Chess Coaching for Beginners

    Level 3 -Advance

    Learning outcomes
    Path to become a FIDE-Rated player
    Key Topics
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    • Advance

    Online Chess Coaching for Beginners

    Level 4 -Expert

    Learning outcomes
    Ace international tournaments
    Key Topics
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    • Expert

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