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Why Kaabil Kids

We offer a Safe, Fun, and Engaging Learning Environment!

Grandmaster Designed Curriculum
Experienced, FIDE-Rated Trainers
World's Best Online Live Chess Learning Platform
Robust Performance Measurement Tools
Innovative Pedagogy
Deep Understanding of Child Psychology

Chess Curriculum

What Your Child Will Learn

Level 1 - Beginner

Learning Outcome:

Introduction to chess fundamentals & tournament preparation

Key Topics:
  • Fundamentals of chess
  • Piece exchanges
  • Basic tactical patterns

Level 2 - Intermediate

Learning Outcome:

Roadmap to ace school and state level tournaments

Key Topics:
  • Basic Opening theory
  • Basic Middle Game strategy
  • Advance Pawn Endgame

Level 3 - Advance

Learning Outcome:

Path to become a FIDE-Rated player

Key Topics:
  • Advance tactical Patterns
  • Coordination and mobilisation
  • Advance attacking patterns

Level 4 - Expert

Learning Outcome:

Ace international tournaments

Key Topics:
  • Master level Endgame Strategies
  • Advanced calculation patterns


Our Value Adds to Make Your Child’s Learning A Great Experience.

  • Free Tournaments
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • Webinars with Grandmaster and Child Psychology Expert
  • 24X7 Access to Platform to Practice & Play with Others
  • Puzzles & Assignments

Level up your child's learning!

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    Founder & CEO


    Co-Founder & COO

    Rajesh Gouri

    Co-Founder & CMO

    Grandmaster Tejas Bakre

    Chief Mentor

    Rahul Sangma

    International Master


    Product Head

    Priyanka Bakshi

    Child & Adolescent Psychologist

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      Frequently asked questions

      Kaabil kids is the #1 Live Online Chess Training Platform. We are on a mission to make professional chess training affordable and accessible to all!
      Our unique pedagogy, an in-house and exclusive curriculum designed by Grandmaster Tejas Bakre, FIDE certified trainers, deep understanding of child psychology under the guidance of Child psychologists, and the world's best online chess training platform make us stand apart.
      We follow an inquiry-based and collaborative approach of training to allow the kids to think, inquire, and build better understanding. In the process they learn to forecast, evaluate possibilities, and take right decisions.
      As a brand we are conscious of the fact that every child will have different learning pace. Our If you look at our curriculum, our complete program stretches over 2 years which is a good amount of time for any beginner child to learn all concepts. Constantly playing with others, participating in tournaments, practicing beyond class hours, and supporting environment from Parents will fast track the learning process.
      We are happy to discuss any issues and provide any support required after classes.
      We share updates on FIDE tournaments and provide guidance to the kids. For state-level tournaments we suggest parents to be part of different social media groups to remain updated.
      We have experienced trainers who understand child behavior and take care of their requirements. They ensure full attention is given to each kid in a maximum batch size of 10 – 12.
      World Chess Federation is commonly referred as FIDE (Fédération Internationale des Échecs). FIDE rating is a number between 100 – 2800. It is calculated based on an algorithmic analysis of someone’s play in FIDE tournaments. As a quality parameter, we have only FIDE rated and certified trainers who understand Chess deeply and are masters in imparting the knowledge to kids.
      Yes, we have few kids who have been learning from our academy and have FIDE rating.
      Kaabil Kids was launched in 2019. Our mission is to make professional chess training affordable and accessible to all. We also leverage Chess to inculcate life skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, logical thinking, and communication in kids (age 6 to 15 years) thereby making them future-ready.
      Our pricing is designed session-wise. You will have to make a minimum payment for 12 sessions. Once the sessions are over, within a month or beyond, our team will approach you for renewal.
      Yes, we conduct assessments at the end of levels and issue course completion certificates to the kids, digitally.
      We have a value for money offering with unmatchable quality and experience. Within this price, the child and/or parent gets to learn from the best trainers, attend periodic sessions with Grandmaster and child psychology experts, play monthly tournaments, and attend doubt clearing sessions too. Also the price is inclusive of 24X7 online access to the platform and GST. We hope you will see and appreciate the value.

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